oh Hai. I’m raSHARD.

A funny, loving and energetic extrovert who enjoys days exploring the great outdoors with his dog, Poppy. He loves to cook, & explore his creativity visually.

earLY on.

I was born into the world on May 3rd 1988. I grew up in a small 4 square mile town in Westchester NY named Mount Vernon. Not big by any means, but very homey. A few notable celebrities made their way through the town. My interests involved; art, fashion, comedy, technology, and making the world a beautiful place by any means I saw fit. Being kind to my fellow man was and is still a passion of mine, I love to make people laugh and I love to make people happy. I strive for perfection. I wake up in the morning and piss excellence!


I live in Charlotte, NC on a quiet street and make designer art toys. I draw, paint, and/or create on a daily basis, You can follow my Instagram to keep up with my daily postings of my creative works. You can also follow my personal blog to keep up with my words and thoughts as well. I’m full of stories and that is the breeding ground for my NEW stories. Be Kind Rewind.

Food isn’t food, until someone eats it.